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Roguelike Updates - Pacifists, Secret Mages, & Orc Pride

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Roguelike Updates - Pacifists, Secret Mages, & Orc Pride

Development Info - posted by Jason on Tue 3 August 2010, 07:53:47

Tags: Tales of Middle-Earth

Tales of Middle Earth 4 hits Beta 8.
  •  Much balancing and fixes
  •  Images for nearly all objects
  •  Many new egos and artifacts
  •  Two new “secret” mage subclasses (unlockable)
  •  Projectile system
  •  New talents for warriors
  •  Two new Orc Prides
Menace of the Mines is at 0.5.
  •  Experience
  •  Skills
  •  Wands
  •  A new throwing system
  •  Potions
  •  Spells and spellbooks
  •  More of everything
And local Codexian soggie is working on a 7 day rogue-like.

InfestedRL is a survival horror rogue-like game where the player have to escape from his infested shipmates in a space ship. The goal is to reach the escape pod, and the player won’t get to kill shit at all. Yes, this is perhaps the first pacifist rogue-like ever made. Instead of guns and crowbars, the player gets a wide variety of tools which he can then put to use to improve his survival chances, like prying open malfunctioned doors; barricading walkways; deploy decoy buzzers; etc.

Interested? Well, I need help with character sprites. Anybody up to the task?​

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