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Shadowflare ep2 review at JustRPG

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Shadowflare ep2 review at JustRPG

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 9 January 2003, 15:55:53

Tags: Shadowflare

JustRPG has posted a review of Shadowflare, Episode 2. They gave it a B-, for what it's worth:

You continue this episode with the same character that you used to finish the first one. Human forces are being surrounded by even stronger and vicious enemies this time around. The call is sent out to find brave warriors who are willing to lend their aid to the human military forces. Even worse is the fact that a dragon has been awakened so not only must you stop the demons in this area but this new threat as well. This is where you come in, a warrior that has already proven his worth in the first episode. Where the first episode had many different forms of golems and goblins to the fierce gargoyles, this episode brings even stronger forms of the goblins, to tarantulas, boars and even stronger and more potent enemies. You will notice that the areas are much larger and more expansive than they were before.​

More expansive, more pain.

Spotted this at Blue's News

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