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Goodfire M4 released

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Goodfire M4 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 9 January 2003, 23:18:10

Tags: Star Hammer

Goodfire has been updated to version M4, whatever that means. Well, here's what it means, actually:

Complete list of changes:
- added a hospital to the town
- monsters do different amounts of damage now
- polished item drop/pickup a bit
- fixed the "entrances suck you back in" semi-bug
- added a very basic help command (it only shows the available commands). Type '?' to invoke it.
- added some error reporting to the open/close door commands.
- fixed a bug with closing/opening doors in the dungeon.
- acid spitter genies could spit through closed doors. fixed.
- added new option 'auto_open' (press '~' to switch it on/off)
- added some error reporting to the drop command
- items are now represented by different symbols (dependend on type)​

So, for those looking for a little Auto-Pistol mayhem in their rogue-likes, this one is for you.

Spotted that at YARNS

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