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ToME 2.1.1 released

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ToME 2.1.1 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 16 January 2003, 23:30:46

Tags: Tales of Middle-Earth

ToME has been updated to version 2.1.1. New features include new Alchemist abilities as well as numerous fixes. Here's a small list of those fixes:

* Updated corruption_spoiler_generation (includes index tags, don't show the Lose message for not removable corruptions) and corspoil.txt -- masmarangio
* Music system performance improvement -- neil
* Added help on pets to dungeon.txt and some clarification about Spell-power affecting only the 11 primary schools of magic. -- fearoffours
* Added to Spell-power the other affected Schools (Udun, Demonology, Gods), as well as naming Sorcery in the Udun School help file -- masmarangio
* al_info.txt: removed double acid essences in amulet of resistance, grouped entries for ring of extra attacks, renamed some entries -- masmarangio
* cmd1.c: removed a compiler warning. caves.c: simplified a test -- masmarangio
* Info on spell-power and multi-school-spell interaction, typo fix in m_mindcr.txt -- fearoffours
* Clarification of Water Bite spell description​

Lots and lots of fixes!

Spotted this at YARNS

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