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LambdaRogue: The Book of Stars 1.6.1 released

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LambdaRogue: The Book of Stars 1.6.1 released

Game News - posted by getter77 on Sun 18 December 2011, 04:45:18

Tags: LambdaRogue

Major new release here foks, even if the last version was only 1.6.0.   As it has been awhile, and could be new to many people since the likes of Dredmor began to enthrall, this is a story-centric, single player Roguelike with both a classical ASCII mode and, well, the update below kind of clarifies from there...
http://lambdarogue.net/  Site got a redesign and has various supplemental/informative/spoiler content incoming in the near future
Short version of the changelog from the man behind the project, Mario Donick:
"Finally, I'm able to release the next significant update for LambdaRogue: LR 1.6.1 "The Morning Star Conspiracy":
  • More Gameplay: Besides a more clever AI, rebalanced magic, and numerous small additions, bug fixes and tweaks, the update introduces a significantly enhanced profession and religion system, with unique powers depending on profession rank.
  • New Graphics: Amazing Brasilian artist Cecilia Favo de Mel created an exclusive new tileset, new effect icons, new GUI elements, and new character portraits. Enjoy a breath of fresh visual air blowing through LambdaRogue's dungeons.
  • New Questline: Ever wondered why Thanan betrayed the Temple of Enoa? Ever wanted to know what the real story behind the Crystal of Redemption is? And ever asked yourself which role Eris really plays in the ongoing events? The Morning Star Conspiracy has all the answers.
<div>Within the next days, the website will be updated with new screenshots, the new quickstart guide, and a complete spoilers file (guidebook) in full-color PDF format -- but the game itself can be enjoyed today!"</div>
<div>Windows/Lion/Linux, with the general Source also available.&nbsp; Rather nice release to see towards the end of the year here.

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