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Angband 3.0.3 available

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Angband 3.0.3 available

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 27 January 2003, 02:16:58

Tags: Angband

Version 3.0.3 of Angband has been released. Here's some changes:

* Reduced the size of the 32x32 tiles bitmap. The smaller bitmap should fix the problem on older Windows versions (Windows 95 and 98) with restrictions of the maximal bitmap size .

The tiles are available as a separate download from: ftp://clockwork.dementia.org/angband/Extra/graf-32x32-302.zip

* Fixed a bug in the text-output routines used for character dumps that sometimes introduced bogus output. (reported by Pasi Vartiainen)
* Fixed a wrong entry in the template for the X11 startup shell script. ("Mynstral")
* Fixed the display of *slays* in character dumps. (Matthias Kurzke)
* The "It might have hidden powers." message will now displayed in the character dumps. This makes it easier to see if an artifact or ego-item with random abilities has already been *identified*.
* Curses on unidentified items are no longer revealed in character dumps or in the output of the 'Inspect' command.
* Fixed a typo "intellegence". (Greg Stark)
* Updated the DOS version to compile with the latest version of the Allegro library.​

Doh, that cursed item bug sounded handy!

Spotted this at YARNS

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