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Modojo Interviews Jordan Weisman on Shadowrun Returns

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Modojo Interviews Jordan Weisman on Shadowrun Returns

Interview - posted by Crooked Bee on Fri 6 April 2012, 19:31:10

Tags: Harebrained Schemes; Jordan Weisman; Shadowrun Returns

Modojo, a website dedicated to handheld gaming, have interviewed Jordan Weisman, the Shadowrun creator and the man behind Shadowrun Returns. One substantial piece of info is that you'll control "an entire team of Shadowrunners" in the game.

Congratulations on meeting the 400K goal in record time. You mentioned additional features that would be possible if that happened. Care to shine some light on what those would be?t

It has been a wild ride, and we can't believe the community rallied so quickly to fund the game in its first 28 hours. It does make an old man feel good to see that the game setting we created 23 years ago still has resonance for people, and that they responded so strongly to bringing that world back to life on modern platforms.

We added the Mac version, as that was a clear message from the fans. We are currently catching our breath and internalizing what we've heard from the community, and mapping it against our design goals and aspirations. Our plan is to post more about the game and funding "stretch" goals by the end of the day.

What about the graphics? Should we expect something along the lines of the Shadowrun Super Nintendo game? How far do you intend to push the iPad and Android devices?

We pride ourselves on the look and feel of our games, such as Crimson Steam Pirates, and Shadowrun Returns will be a beautifully gritty world that takes advantage of modern graphics. That said, our game concept is designed to be played in 2D, presenting a great deal of tactical information to the player to intelligently control an entire team of Shadowrunners, each of whom may have very different world views and each providing the player with more information and interaction options.

Some gamers feel these devices cannot be taken seriously when it comes to offering "core" experiences. How do you see Shadowrun Returns possibly changing this perception?

Shadowrun Returns will also be on PC, which is the home of "core" games. Having said that, the perception of mobile tablets as a platform only supporting very casual broad market games is a factor of installed base and is only a limitation of imagination. When a general purpose device has a limited installed base, you have to make games that appeal to everyone in order to have a big enough market, but with the enormous install-bases that iOS and Android devices have now, the market is big enough to create games for specific audiences, including the core audience. Plus, there is just something "right" about playing Shadowrun on a device that was science fiction when I wrote the game.​

Be sure to have a look at the full interview.

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