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sCthangband 1.0.8 released

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sCthangband 1.0.8 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 29 January 2003, 20:33:18

Tags: sCthangband

For those with a Lovecraft fetish, sCthangband has been updated to version 1.0.8. Here's the changelog:

* Reduce the danger of failing to use a spirit favour.
* Make more of the game use the full size of the main window.
* Create an extra window to show information about the square the player is on.
* Turn speak_unique into a birth option.
* Set the rarities (and, to an extent, the random properties) of ego items from e_info.txt.
* Set the chance of producing a random artefact in e_info.txt.
* Set the boost to the level feeling from each base item in k_info.txt.
* Rearrange the P lines in k_info.txt and a_info.txt so that it looks more like an object description.
* Set the article features get in f_info.txt so that you don't see "a water".
* Make extra characters at the end of a line in lib/edit cause an error.
* List a few more things in the '~' character screen.
* Make the 'I' description of non-weapons and objects with anti-magic a bit more appropriate.
* Clean up some code.
* Fix a few bugs (some possibly fatal).​

The Elder Gods: They're not just for tentacle porn anymore!

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