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ShadowFlare Episode II Review at CVG

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ShadowFlare Episode II Review at CVG

Review - posted by Mistress on Wed 5 February 2003, 14:02:04

Tags: Shadowflare

Computer and Videogames.com have posted a brief review of the second ShadowFlare installment. They aren't at all impressed, giving it a score of 35/100.

What's the difference between the two episodes, then? Not much. I've upgraded to warrior status and moved from constantly clicking the left-mouse button to constantly clicking the right. This activates my character's unlimited special move, which kills new enemies tolerably faster as long as I constantly consume medical tablets and don't worry too much about any offensive/ defensive tactics short of clicking until everything's dead. Not that it stops episode two being as derivative, repetitive, and as undeserving of your time as the first one. Roll on episode three.​
If you want to find out for yourself, the first episode is of course available on the website for free. Hooray.

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