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Golden Land Q&A at Gamer.nl

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Golden Land Q&A at Gamer.nl

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 8 February 2003, 20:15:20

Tags: Golden Land

Gamer.nl has posted an interview with Eugene Bratkov, the script writer for Golden Land, that wacky skills and turn based CRPG from Burut. Here's a taste:

8. Will the player be restricted to prescribed classes, or will he have the chance to customise his character in the way he sees fit?

E.B.: In GoldenLand there's no such idea as character class, because it is artificial division, limiting the player in many ways. The development in one or another way is defined by the player, by choosing the character's behavior, choosing which skill to improve and which can be left at its current level, and so making great warrior, good magician or thief - at his choice.​

I have to agree. Classes are fairly arbitrary. I'm not sure why wizards can't wear armor or why a barbarian can't learn to use wands.

Spotted this at Shack News

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