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Dungeon Craft beta 4 released

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Dungeon Craft beta 4 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 11 February 2003, 01:46:52

Tags: Dungeon Craft

For those of you interested in making your own old school CRPGs, similar to the Gold Box games, Dungeon Craft has entered Beta 4. What's that mean? It means all this, or just some of this:

- when leaving Shop,Temple, and Vault, the party's
pooled money will be automatically converted to
coins of greater value when shared. ie: 1000
copper will be converted to 1 platinum.
- monster options are more fully utilized, such as
the form flags (snake, mammal, etc), penalty flags,
and option flags.

<div align="center"> </div>
- added more default spells for Clerics and
Magic Users.
- updated the help file to include more help for
spell editing and GPDL script syntax/usage.
- added second script to spell's affected attributes
that can optionally modify the delta value applied
to the attribute being changed based on current
game/party/character values.
- added third script to spell's affected attributes
that can optionally apply a +/- bonus to the
spell targets saving throw.​

That's merely a small bit of the release notes, so there's a lot going on there.

I may need a cold shower after reading this.

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