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Indie Sci-fi 4X game StarLife Crowdsourcing Writing

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Indie Sci-fi 4X game StarLife Crowdsourcing Writing

Community - posted by Zed on Sat 8 December 2012, 22:23:04

Tags: Purple Orange Games; StarLife

StarLife, the 4X sci-fi space-thingy from the Codex' own tiagocc0, is taking a page from Brian Fargo's book and is now looking for people to help him out with some writing.

Here's the deal:

At March/2013 I will run a Kickstarter campaign, from this campaign I can ask from $3.000 to $5.000 to the writer.
So I can only hire after this date, if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.
Another option is to accept a share of the profits (like all the other members) so the Kickstarter funds will be used for other stuff and you can start right away.
It is also possible a combination of the two, but asking for money on Kickstarter will give you a smaller % of the profits compared to the above.
I'm ok with whatever the winning writer chooses.​

Read all about it here. tiaccog0 will answer any questions in the same thread.

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