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CalcRogue Gamma 3 released

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CalcRogue Gamma 3 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 13 February 2003, 19:18:45

Tags: CalcRogue

CalcRogue, the rogue-like for the Texas Instruments calculators has been updated to version Gamma 3. So, why am I posting about this? Well, glad you asked. It's also been ported to Windows, so everyone can play it now!

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* Easy to use interface with tutorial
* Complex, randomly generated levels
* Line of sight/lighting calculation
* Four-color grayscale graphics
* Complete inventory management system
* Wide variety of magical scrolls, potions, wands, rings, amulets and spells
* Missile combat with bows, crossbows or thrown potions
* Compressed saved games
* In-game help
* Hidden traps and doors
* Three different player classes
* Varied monsters with special powers
* Spellcasting
* Gold and shopping
* High-score listing​

Just the novelty of this alone makes it worth posting about.

Spotted this at YARNS

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