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Post-Arx Fatalis interview

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Post-Arx Fatalis interview

Interview - posted by Kreegle on Thu 20 February 2003, 06:31:19

Tags: Arkane Studios; Arx Fatalis 2

Warcry.com have conducted an interview with Julien Roby of Arkane Studios, the people responsible for Arx Fatalis. They chat about how the game was originally hoped to be the sequel to Ultima Underworld, why the game sold poorly in the US... and then they drop this nugget on us:

Final question, then - What's next for Arkane Studios? Are you planning a sequel to Arx - something most Arx players have been clamouring for - or are you on to other things?

Well there nothing official right now because we haven't got a publishing deal yet, but it won't be a real secret if i tell you we're working on the pre production of a game called.. Mmmm.. i don't remember.. but i think the game name ends with "2";)
Don your party-hats, Arx fans! Read more here - spotted at HomeLan.

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