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Golden Land - School of Nature Magic

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Golden Land - School of Nature Magic

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 8 March 2003, 18:44:50

Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land

Extract from the Mighty Shepherd's Book of Revelations, ch.6

"All beings, all creatures, all creations are in each other and with each other. The cold flame runs through the darkness, giving rise to the blinding flash. The reality is like ripples in the water, rising from the thrown stone. The stone absorbs the soul and binds the creation of Life and creation of Eternity together. The form of nature gains its limits.

- Who are you, human?

- My name is Grodval. You are Makosh, aren't you?

- I'm she who appeals to earth and being thrown to earth. I'm she who prepared the bread, and my mind is inside. I'm the knowledge of my names. I'm she who calls and I'm she who hears. I'm the perfect mind. And I'm the mother of nature. I'm the creation of mind and the offence of souls. I'm Makosh.

- Your outer side is not the same that your inner side. I feel the desire in you.

- Help the people who appeal to the powers of earth. Strengthen their force.

- Are you ready to follow that way? In Eternity, only sacrifices tie us together with the world of dead. Only the huntsman of human wishes finds the power.

- I'm ready. That's why I'm here.

- Passing through this way, I'll grow up at earth. My powers will be with people. My price will be born in Veles.

- Price?

- Master Navi will take it from you, human. Veles will take it, human. The sacrifice is waiting for you. Sacrifice yourself at the ash with the sacred lance. The wisdom will deprive you of the half of your eyesight..."

The School of Nature.

In the accordance with the Grodval's pact, its followers are filled up with power by the goddess of earth, Makosh. Makosh-Earth presents the female being in nature. Makosh, as the goddess of fertility, is closely connected with water - the prayers to Makosh were brought near the streams, the girls were throwing yarn in the wells as the offering. Makosh is also the goddess of the women's work, the excellent spinner. Also she spins the threads of destiny, determining the fate of people and gods with her two apprentices, Fateness and Disfateness. Makosh walks over earth in the form of young woman with flowing hair and looks which way the people live and how they keep rules and prohibitions. She spares and rewards only those whose spirit is strong and who fight for the happiness. She gives the way out of the most hopeless situations, if the person is not despaired, if he goes to his dream with his last ounce, if he has not betrayed it and himself...

The School of Nature has not gained its followers at once. As Grodval thought, those spells were to be used by the village sorcerers and good magicians. But, the last ones appeared to be very conservative in everything that was close to the Secret Knowledge and for a long time preferred their old potions and medicaments to the powerful magic of Makosh. With time, many healing and defense skills were evaluated by the priests of the Great Heroes temple, and, bit by bit, this school became as popular as other schools of the Pact.

The spells of the School of nature are mostly defensive and healing. The elementary knowledge about this school is necessary to anybody who goes to a long and dangerous journey. But, moreover, there are many attacking spells in this School, which can affect the end of battle. Here are some of them.

Healing - the power of nature fills the magician's body with the power and heals his wounds. This is one of the most commonly used and effective spells. It is used almost by all - both magicians and sorcerers use it.

Tight bow-string - the powers of nature give the outstanding accuracy when shooting from the wide range weapon or when throwing something. The spell is often casted by archers and village hunters, and in the army of Golden land all arbalesters are studying it without fail.

Speed - speeds up the movements of the magician, but the accuracy of blows decreases. Usually it is casted by the magicians or warriors who are sure in their accuracy. The speed is very important in the battle, so you can see the people who use this spell all over the world.

Acid rain - the drops of acid rain fall over the enemies, burning their skin and armor through. This is very powerful attacking spell. Only skilled magicians can use it, nevertheless not so often. The effect of the spell is very dangerous, because it has the scaled damage, so this spell is useful against big crowd of enemies.

Thanks to Dmitry Glaznev, script-writer of Golden Land for taking the time to write this up!

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