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Vault City


then they came for Bruticis, and I spoke up... then they came for Absalom, Menckenstein, Sam Ecorners, Multi-Headed Cow, ironyuri, dnf, DakaSha, shiteatingnippledick, Jim the Dinosaur, Thor Kaufmann, agentorange, Irenaeus, Broseph, Roqua... and now they are selling out. #RPGCODEXSHILLGATE -----> Current state of RPGCodex' sellout

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"What is happening in Greece is just early portents of the massive congoid bunghole bongo party that is approaching." - Cleveland Mark Blakemore


Relegating all SJW discussion here seems dumb since it permeates the industry to such a large extent these days. The recent ruckus about obsidian's censorship should be in the PoE subforum where it belongs.

How many in the Staff are Obsidian shills and/or SJW cucks? Obviously not enough to completely take over the Codex or this place would currently be as shit as rpg.net or RPGWatch, but still there are clear evidences they might exist as well as hints pointing to a collusion between RPGCodex and Obsidian Entertainment. Nothing substantial. Could be nothing more than the usual rabid fanboyism for Obsidian instead.




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    Your contributions are much loved over 10,000. ^_^
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    The Golden Ratio

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    TITS or GTFO

    Welcome to the Codex! We hope you enjoy your stay.
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    5k Fisting Challenge

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    You've had at least one brofist for every two messages you've posted, go you.
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    You are one of the faceless few. Those select few who resist the urge to attribute an image to their profile.
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    felipepepe's Golden Fist

    Because there were no Brofist achievements past 1,000.
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    Porn Star

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    Fate Unlock Code

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    Can't Stop the Fisting

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    Bees tend to fly vertically

    1,000 messages? Really?
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