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Clockwork Knight

nomask said:
If you've ever worked in a kindergarten, you've probably noticed how one child sometimes begins to chant something, such as "all bears are toys, all bears are toys", then other children will join in with him, so that after a while every child in the room is chanting, "all bears are toys, all bears are toys." You might put in, "No they are not. That one in the picture, for example." They would continue, "all bears are toys, all bears are toys."

That really happens, and quite often too. It's also exactly how adults in academia think and behave most of the time.


hiver said:
Turd. Shitface. Dumbfuck. Mega moron. Delusional shit brain idiot. Subhuman pathetic backpedalling shitstain.


MetalCraze said:
You learn nothing in Dark Souls. It's just hitting the attack button at the right time, and if you fuck it up you get punished - just like in QTEs.


Is that first picture lincoln as a tranny looking in a mirror while his tentacle toes and tongues screw the orifices of his five headclones

clearly a scathing commentary on nationalist narcissism


LOL the self styled moral scholar shithead fails once again


Jesus how much effort for being baited by a worthless hack.


I do not ever wish harm on any human being, but I really wish you would just die in a fire or something Clockwork Knight. Please God. Please.


Lyric Suite said:
The reason i cannot admit that i am or ever were wrong is that i have never in fact been wrong, at least concerning a certain number of truths, starting with the idea that there is in fact such a thing as truth.


Get fucked, you passive-aggressive betalord.


Is that first picture lincoln as a tranny looking in a mirror while his tentacle toes and tongues screw the orifices of his five headclones
clearly a scathing commentary on nationalist narcissism


Thread_Mutex said:
Then how do you define RPG if it is not "good vs bad"? I don't remember strength affecting weapon hit or intelligence determining things. Hell, it's damn obvious they tried to maintain original Fallout spirit with the water problem. I still don't think first two Fallout were good (Exception of Fallout Tactics) and now you're trying to be Machinema by saying every Bethesda game is a TES clone. This is bull.

Look at Fallout 1. What a joke of endings. In one, you're dumped and in the other it's the typical Fallout New Vegas ending with various outcomes. Fallout 2's ending was an improvement of first, but is still somewhat disappointing. Fallout 3's ending was unique (In how many games you sacrifice yourself for waters in a post-apocalyptic word for saving your artificial homeland and saving your father with a great voice telling the future of the Wasteland?), New Vegas' was same and I still loved it.

If it isn't good vs evil, can you tell me a more interesting concept? Hell, in Skyrim civil war, can you tell me who is evil and who is good? In Morrowind, is Vivec evil? In Oblivion, is Dagon evil? (He's just following his sphere). That is bull.


Thanks for the "Brofists," by the way. It occurs to me being "brofisted" in prison would likely be a very unpleasant thing.


My grandmother had a saying she often relied to me when i was a kid.

It went something like: "if you see someone else eating shit, would you do it too?"


Good posters simply dont post and stay silent, with a few cases like me raging away and then getting the blame. And pathetic self-defeating tags from the same people who failed at arguing some point in ways that actually make sense.


... dude you were just told this game takes place in the embryonic metaphysical womb-substance of the next world after the current one was devoured by "chaos", literally a cosmic egg of sorts, and you're curious why the jet-packed flying dual-gun wielding "knight" is wearing plate armor?


Menno1981 said:
If the genre truly wishes to enter the Next-Gen realm, it must shed its outdated roots. Text dialogue is one that must go. We have only barely scratched the surface with voice-acted dialogue. One day we may even be able to use our own voice to state our own responses. But this will not arise if we continue to fall back upon antiquated systems. I think those calling for just text responses are the equivelent of extremists in the political spectrum. They are dinosaurs that need to be left behind.


IronWaffled said:
Oblivion still let you do stupid stuff at least. 1 fire damage for 1 second for 100 feet. Called it Michael Bay's Dagger


ninjajuicer said:
I remember the talking tree from fallout 3. It was the most creative thing out there, a man fused with a tree. Hilarious.


“It’s a rumour,” said Paris prosecutor François Molins. “Forensic doctors were categorical: , no use, including knives. According to a witness, the testicles of a person would have been cut, but no findings have corroborated it.”. No other witnesses mentioned seeing such gruesome acts of torture, and with 1000 people present on the night of the attacks in which , it seems likely such violence did not take place


It's a conspiracy on the part of RPG Watch and the Codex though right? Not like you should expect anything from the escapist though. What can you honestly expect from a forum with achievements?


Wow. Just.. wow. I've been warned and told this place is a cesspool of ignorant haters, nevertheless I tried to approach with an open mind. If anything, age taught me that everyone deserves a chance. You guys do not. I'll just be on my way.



"Cyber Violence Survivors"

What now? :lol:

How sad that we're reading that in 2015 and it's not about hackers getting their brain fried by security countermeasures.


martialnorris said:
So I started playing fallout 4. Should I keep playing? I honestly stopped after 2 hours and went back to Witcher. Any guidelines to help me through the beggining of F4? It sucks, I have no ammo, there is shit ton of guys who are killing me fast. It was cool when I had the ammo for the guns from the scripted mission but pipe rifle just isn't doing it.


mfkndggrfll said:
Sure you do every single side quests because the game offers nothing else to do.


How sad is your existence, truly? Ignored human garbage desu. Toodle-loo!


Generic-Giant-Spider: if codex announced you must suck a cock with a video, you'd see clockwork knight be the first upload


Geantchat: yeah it must be weird to be a domestic fish, every day is the same until you get abducted from your home and then put back but everytrhing is slightly different.


This user was banned (1 week pending review): Accused the community of overreacting, baseless accusations of groupthink/echo chambers.


yeah it was don't you hide away from being a Nazi you disgusting fuck Hans Landa. Now it's I'm leaving my mark on you because Nazis are back on the rise.

It's creepy how people are digging into the past in order to be evil. Brazil has only tenuous connections with World War II and Nazis, so the fact that this exists down there is worrying. This whole revival of naziism reminds me of the scene where Saurumon literally digs up the Orcs in Two Towers.
Glass Fields, Ruins of Old Iran
Feelings Towards PoE
idk gay maybe
Self styled moral scholar shithead



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