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Mr. Luzur arrived quietly around five years ago, purchasing a large manor home outside of town after arriving by steamship.

It’s rumored that Mr Luzur is actually the hereditary Prince of Sweden and Duke of Finland, in Northern Europe, but he will politely deflect any inquiry into his past, espousing the philosophy that each man makes his own way in life.

Because he suffers an unpleasant sensitivity to sunlight, Mr. Luzur prefers indoor activities to physical sport, although he is a champion fencer, a master debater and an unmatched royalist. He is also a regular and welcome guest at evening charity events at shoutbox, and his philanthropy is renowned.
Swedish Empire
Carpenter, Warrior


"Frugta Gud, Ära Konungen, Tiena Trogit."

With the Grace of God, Honored King of The Svears, the Goths and Vends, Grand Duke of Finland, Duke of Scania, Estonia, Livonia, Karelia, Bremen, Verden, Stettin, Pomerania, Kassuben and Venden, Duke of Rügen, High Lord of Ingria and Wismar, Pfalz Count of the Rhine, in Bavaria, and the Jülich, Cleves and Duke of Berg. Lord Protector of Valdens, Spanheim, Mark and Ravensburg and Lord of Ravenstein.


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