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  1. DJOGamer PT

    Vapourware Grand Worldbuilding Questionnaire

    Questions about the physical universe itself - its composition, climate, geography, ecology, place in the cosmos, etc. : . . . . . [/SPOILER] . [/SPOILER] Everything related to the history and daily life of peoples - governments, beliefs, social organization, interpersonal relations...
  2. Fedora Master

    Butthurt This is not healthy

    All because I voted people with STOP in the DA:I thread. It was really really funny at first but now it's just getting sad.
  3. Thac0

    Incline Butthurt Dungeon: Thac0's Ultimate Blobber List

    Preamble: The codex currently lacks a unified blobber recommendation list. Various lists exist, but none of them are curated. The aim of this thread is to categorise those of those blobbers that matter: Those that are worth playing. I did not play everything on this list, the goal of the list is...
  4. Vapourware Sandbox RPG Design Analysis

    Google Doc form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1spks8Yi3e4_uw1ZyM-Kvff5bbxfh-4m3cd1fXu7D0G4/edit?usp=sharing Note: This Document isn't going to be about All Sandbox Games, although there will be similarities and common elements and mechanics. It isn't going to be about Sandbox MMORPGs or...

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