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  1. MarathonGuy1337

    What Game Project(s) Are You Working On?

    Has anyone else ever been laid awake at 3:30 AM in the morning crunching on game design and been like... Wounder what other games people are working on? I'm currently working on a T-CRPG title which well call SFX-II as I don't have a finalized title yet, a sought of blend between old school...
  2. Becoming Captain, an upcoming sci-fi RPG / Trading card game

    Hello folks! I'm a first-time poster on this website and wanted to share the trailer for our upcoming indie trading card and RPG game. As fans of science-fiction and RPGs, I thought this community would be interested in what we've been working on. I hope you enjoy the trailer and any feedback...
  3. PompiPompi

    Tomb of Goliath

    My potential next project will be called "Tomb of Goliath". It will be similar to Burial Stone, in the sense that it will be tile based Rogue from first person. However, a few differences: 1. You will have a character that is visible, instead of just ghost hands. 2. You might have a party of...
  4. rootstereo

    Wild Terra 2 Online. New indie MMORPG.

    Wild Terra 2: New Lands. Hello friends! My name is Javi and I'm part of Juvty World. A group of indie-game developers, I'm making this post to share our lastest game made by Unity. The game is actually in alpha stage of development and I'd like to share this great game we are developing and...
  5. Plutocracy - a PC game about wealth & power

    Where policy, laws, officials and people are only the chess pieces how do you play your game? Have you ever dreamed of billions that would open up to you a world of unlimited opportunities? The world that’s subject to your will and completely in your power? Plutocracy is a business...
  6. cRPG Party Control Poll

    Hi, I'm developing a cRPG, I just wanted to get an idea of which type of Party Member control system people prefer? Any questions on the possible responses I will be back to check this daily, if not more than once a day. and I'd love to see any discussion on the topic! Thanks for your time...
  7. CritiestBunny

    Indie Expansive Spell Creation and Design Forged of Blood

    Hey guys, I thought I'd start a new thread for this one. We've been super coy about our magic system ever since we put out those first press releases and our game descriptions don't quite do it justice - so here we are, the long awaited blog post covering our spell crafting and spell design for...
  8. Strange Matter

    A lovecraftian XCOM => Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu

    Hey guys ! A good friend of mine who is hanging around a lot on this forum suggested I post here to talk about my project. I am not going to lie to you: I created an account specifically for that purpose :roll: But hey, I didn't know this place and I really AM a huge strategy fan (COH2...
  9. Sneaky Seal

    Developer Diaries

    Developer Diary #1 I’m eager to complete the game in the space of a year. It’s damn hard, even when you know exactly what to do. It was obvious from the very beginning that we’d have to do everything simultaneously: write a novel, turn it into a script, work on its technical adaptation so we...
  10. KickStarter First ever steampunk sandbox RPG with a multiplayer coming soon!

    Hey there! We’re the SF team behind Steam Hammer, the first sandbox-style RPG in a steampunk setting. In August of this year we got the greenlight from Steam to start signing up alpha testers, and so far we’ve raked in over 10,000. That has been a huge indication for us of how many people...
  11. Atomboy

    KickStarter ATOM RPG - Wasteland Soviet style! - now with Dead City update

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/atomrpg/atom-rpg Steam Greenlight: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=772451440 https://atomrpg.com https://af.gog.com/game/atom_rpg_postapocalyptic_indie_game?as=1649904300 Cheers![/spoiler]
  12. ConnorORT

    [In Development 2D RPG] Towards The Pantheon


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