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  1. Ib - horror adventure

    I have not seen this freeware jewel by kouri mentioned. Download page. An horror adventure made in RPGMaker, tho there are not much fight mechanics. I consider one of my favourite games, with such a great characterisation and atmosphere, I replay it from time to time. There are a number of...
  2. MrRichard999

    Moonspeak Power Dolls 3 to English Translation Thread

    I should have started this a while ago but I am doing it now. We got a translation project going on for Power Dolls 3 for PC and so far its coming along nicely! I'll post some screenshots soon when I can get screendumps done without it crashing... Here is the progress so far.. Graphic...
  3. felipepepe

    Moonspeak 1982-1987 - The Birth of Japanese RPGs, re-told in 15 Games

    So, was researching about the birth of JRPGs for the CRPG Book, and noticed a lack of "introductory articles", something that would briefly explain the whole scenario - hardware, early games, etc... It's weird, seems like there's a massive gap - either you have kids on youtube talking about how...
  4. HyperdevRon

    Thermidor: New Tactical JRPG of Epic Proportions!

    Hey! This is Ron from HyperDevbox Japan. I just wanted to let everyone at Gaijin Gamers know about our new HUGE project, titled - Thermidor. Thermidor is a Tactical JRPG, that takes place in France 1789, at the dawn of the French Revolution. Check out this teaser! This massive game...
  5. Santander02

    Anime Sunrider Academy

    :hmmm: Hello, You don't know me, but I wager some of do know about this game that RK47 dropped, so Imma try to continue his legacy. This will be an old school style LP with screenshots only. Also I'm going into this completely blind. Enjoy, I hope. Update 1: It begins Jesus what I have...
  6. deuxhero

    Moonspeak Amazon Japan now offers international shipping on video games.

    https://archive.is/oxJFz キタ━━━━━━(゜∀゜)━━━━━━ッ!! (only valid on items sold by Amazon directly now)

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