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  1. Saxon1974

    Gold Box SSI's Gold Box Series Thread

    I went back and started playing "Gateway to the Savange Frontier" by SSI over the weekend. Of all the gold box games, i think this one and its sequel are the ones I have not played. As I was playing I was thinking of what the games strengths and weaknesses are. Some weakness; I think one...
  2. Filthy Sauce

    Vapourware Lets play Pool Of Radiance 2: Ruins of Myth Drannor. (Blind)

    Table Let Us Begin - 03/01/2016 The Orc Fairgrounds - 03/01 The Bridge - 03/04 Dungheaps & Shagbuns - 03/08 The Axhandle Inn - 03/15 Bill Cosby - 03/19 Party Ass Wipe 2 - 03/21 Office Space - 03/27 Azira's Bloodstone - 03/29 Pot Metal - 04/09 Super Zombie Bros - 4/20...

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