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  1. MarathonGuy1337

    What do you guys/girls look for in a CRPG?

    For reasons unspecified I was curious as to what the active users of RPG Codex look for in a CRPG be it from an Indi game studio, double-A studio or triple-A studio (not like we get much of the later but still). Is it the ability to role play free without limits or do you prefer more liner...
  2. KickStarter Kickstarter Launched! - Imperium Omni-4 part Serialized Role Playing Game/Novel in Retro Style

    We launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.com on Monday, January 28th, to raise $25,000 amongst all RPG gaming enthusiasts. Within 24 hours, the target goal was reached, and shortly thereafter at nearly 500 backers and in excess of $30,000 there's no upper limit in sight. The campaign...
  3. Just added a Mario 3 style overmap to our Tactics RPG. Thoughts?

    Hi! Check out this video, where I show off the prototyped overmap interactions for our game Season of Arena. What are your honest thoughts about the concepts presented?
  4. Hi all, check out the content I added to my tactics RPG

    Overmap prototype, Cleric and Rogue classes with a couple starter abilities each:
  5. Petition to create a first-person story-based D&D co-op ARPG

    Petition to create a first-person story-based D&D co-op ARPG http://chn.ge/2cnlcxH This is what I think a great RPG could be based on my opinions and experiences as a gamer. The aim of this post is to truly crowdsource the specifications of a game, before handing a much-signed petition to a...
  6. Infinitron

    Warren Spector's Soapbox Thread

    Newly unemployed Warren Spector has begun writing his monthly column for GamesIndustry. Let's dedicate this thread to laughing at them. Where Are Gaming's Role Models? There's also this "exit interview", where he says he doesn't understand why Disney closed down Junction Point and laments...

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