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Whalenought Studios Interview on Shane Plays

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Whalenought Studios Interview on Shane Plays

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Sun 2 August 2015, 13:48:51

Tags: Serpent in the Staglands; Shane Stacks; Whalenought Studios

Joe and Hannah Williams of Whalenought Studios are the guests on this week's episode of Shane Plays, the radio show/podcast run by Codexer Shane "sstacks" Stacks. Shane has been playing Serpent in the Staglands this week, and so much of the interview is spent randomly chattering about various aspects of the game that impressed him, in particular the setting and the monsters. He also asks them a few questions about the game's development, and about how they became game developers.

According to Joe and Hannah, with the help of word of mouth, Serpent in the Staglands has now sold just enough to justify further RPG development. Development on the free expansion, the scope of which has now increased beyond what was originally planned, is set to conclude "by the end of the year", though they're not sure it will be released this year. The expansions from the Kickstarter campaign's unmet stretch goals will unfortunately not be made, but Whalenought do want to return to the Vol setting in the future someday. Their next RPG after Serpent in the Staglands, however, will be something else. Something with a different ruleset and mechanics, a different non-pixel art graphical style, and an "80s sci-fi cyberpunk" theme.

At the end of the interview, Shane once again passes on various questions from Codexers. Joe and Hannah say that yes, Serpent in the Staglands' difficulty is where they wanted it to be, yes, they are considering turn-based combat for future projects, no, they aren't planning on ever returning to mobile game development, and yes, they do plan on changing up their UI design for future projects. Nice.

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