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Spells of Gold character system preview

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Spells of Gold character system preview

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 19 March 2003, 04:00:26

Tags: Spells of Gold

We've just posted up a character system preview of Spells of Gold, that zany CRPG with all those great trading elements for those interested in the title. Here's a bit of it:

Your character, as you would expect, has a selection of abilities, and as you gain experience and increase levels in the three areas of combat, magic and trade, you will be able to raise the values of these abilities. The cost of increasing abilities will depend upon which area you have levelled in. So, if your character is a warrior, you will have to spend more points on raising your intellect, and for mages it will be more costly to increase strength.

The main abilities are fairly standard, being; strength, dexterity, intellect, constitution, willpower and charisma. Values for health, mana, defense, damage, armour, luxury, maximum weight and the number of student points you are allocated, are tied to your abilities.​

Other topics include skills, both mana and non-mana using types, the dieties, and guild choices.

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