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Prince of Qin 1.17 patch released

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Prince of Qin 1.17 patch released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 22 March 2003, 18:21:13

Tags: Prince of Qin

Strategy First has gotten around to posting the 1.17 patch for that Chinese flavored CRPG made by Object Software, Prince of Qin. Here's what that patch does:

Update and Bug Fixing (Prince of Qin version 1.17)

1. The bug whereby different players can login to Battle.Net via the same Username at one time has been fixed.
2. Improper words will be filtered out when players send a message via the chat channels.
3. The bug which prevents some players from entering Battle.Net has been fixed.
4. In the single-player version, the bug which prevents players from making some items such as a fishing rod has been fixed.
5. The bug which causes the abnormal display of the experience bar has been fixed.
6. The bug whereby some players may disappear while entering or leaving the tomb of the First Emperor has been fixed.
7. The bug which causes disorder in the rankings has been fixed.
8. In the single-player version, the bug which results in players sometimes ultimately obtaining extra gold has been fixed.
9. The Problems between the Demo and full version have been fixed.
10. The bug which causes the loss of inventory when trade takes place amongst players has been fixed.​

Yay! The %d bug has been murdered!

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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