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Kalyp updated to version 0.3.3

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Kalyp updated to version 0.3.3

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 26 March 2003, 03:54:46

Tags: Kalyp

Kalyp, the Java based roguelike, has been updated to version 0.3.3-alpha for those interested in taking one for a spin that isn't Nethack, ADoM, or Angband. Here's a list of what's new:

  • Some improvements:
  • Monster AI: basic finite state machine implementation
  • Generic identification by using/identifying items, potions, scrolls and rings have generic descriptions before identified
  • Potion of gain level added
  • Character levels and experience
  • Gold pieces
  • Potion of monster detection added
  • Potion of item detection added
  • Magical bonus affects weapons and armor
  • Cursed/uncursed/blessed items
  • Rings added (ring of protection)
  • Putting on/taking off a ring added
  • Line-of-Sight affected by tile lighting
  • Scroll of mapping added
  • Tool items and applying added

This is why I like changelogs. Added rings followed by the ever popular Added ability to put on a ring and remove it. Always good for at least a smile.

Spotted this at YARNS.

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