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D:OS 2 Fundraiser: Design the Codex NPC!

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D:OS 2 Fundraiser: Design the Codex NPC!

Competition - posted by Bubbles on Thu 24 November 2016, 21:53:06

Tags: Codex Original Sin 2 Fundraiser; Divinity: Original Sin 2

After months of grueling back-and-forth with Larian's shrewdest negotiators, we have finally pinned them down on a character outline for our Original Sin 2 NPC. The Codex community raised over 10,000 bucks for this NPC, so we knew we had to make it a good one. Behold:

A unique red troll you meet in the game as a minor villain/ally, who recurs a few times [see: trollish regeneration] and has a certain "annoyance factor".​

Isn't that fantastic? You'd better like it, because I poured all of my creativity into that concept. In any case, Larian have accepted our outline and are now requesting details. Will the Troll be male or female? Crimson or burgundy? Moustached or neckbearded? Kindly or aggressive? Does he have a name? Is he more of a villain or more of an ally? Will he have special interactions with certain party members? How often will he appear? Will he give us a quest? Will we give him a quest?

All of these questions are YOURS to answer! [subject to staff approval [subject to Larian's approval]] Please post your cool ideas in the comments below! You can either offer a whole character concept or just a particularly clever and Codex-appropriate element, which we will hopefully be able to shoehorn into another concept later on.

Please keep in mind that D:OS2 will be a more mature, grittier kind of game than its predecessor, so more "realistic" submissions will be preferred. Maybe your troll is suffering from a terminal disease, or an old trauma that surfaces in a moment of supreme tragedy? Perhaps he's a desperate drug addict, or he's searching for a long lost love who destroyed his life? You get the idea. Silly stuff is also welcome, but it has a much slimmer chance of getting past Larian's censors. And then we'll end up with an NPC designed by Infinitron.

The deadline for this contest is the 6th of December, around the time when the Europeans go to bed; our secret panel of judges will crown the winner a few days afterwards. The best submission will receive a very special prize!

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