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ICY: Frostbite Edition now on Steam Greenlight

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ICY: Frostbite Edition now on Steam Greenlight

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 12 May 2017, 21:49:23

Tags: Icy; Inner Void Interactive

The latest game to join the last minute Steam Greenlight parade is Inner Void Interactive's ICY: Frostbite Edition. The original ICY was a post-apocalyptic RPG set in a new Ice Age that was released back in 2015. It was a humble little game that didn't make much of an impression, although we did find the time to review it. The developers felt so bad about their beginner's effort that they decided to remake it from scratch. And now they're apparently required to go through Greenlight again to release a new version of a game that's already on Steam. This is even dumber than what happened with Alvora Tactics. Here's the Greenlight trailer and a description:

ICY: Frostbite Edition is the remastered edition of ICY, a narrative-driven post-apocalyptic survival RPG set in a new Ice Age. Create your own character, using a detailed stat system that influences your abilities, then begin your journey of survival across a frozen world, now with completely overhauled and improved gameplay.


After nearly two years since the original release of ICY, Inner Void Interactive and Digital Tribe Games are proud to release ICY: Frostbite Edition, a completely remastered edition of the game. We worked to improve every lacking feature of the original ICY, recreating the game from scratch in Unity 5.

Thanks to the exhaustive feedback received from our community and the experience we gained from the original game, we have improved ICY’s formula in many different ways to let it offer a real survival RPG experience in a cold post-apocalyptic world.
  • A new combat system was developed: deeper, more exciting and more challenging than the original one.
  • The survival experience was overhauled in order to offer more variety.
  • A crafting system was introduced, allowing the player to create new items.
  • The original plot was improved and new quests and characters have been added to create a longer and more satisfying experience.
  • The UI was completely reworked to be clearer and better looking.
ICY: Frostbite Edition is almost complete and should come out shortly after it's greenlit. Vote for it - leave no RPG behind.

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