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Kickstarter Roundup: Ealdorlight, Longsword Table Tactics, Pillars of History

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Kickstarter Roundup: Ealdorlight, Longsword Table Tactics, Pillars of History

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 22 June 2017, 00:51:52

Tags: Ealdorlight; Longsword Table Tactics; Pillars of History; Revelation Games; Tritan Studios; Zero Sum Games

In between E3 and all the Pathfinder: Kingmaker updates, there have been a few indie Kickstarters recently that are worth mentioning. I'm not sure any of them have a chance of succeeding, but if we don't give them publicity, who will? The first of them is Ealdorlight by British indie dev Chris Parsons of Revelation Games, who previously created the space game Sol Trader. It's a single character turn-based fantasy RPG with Dwarf Fortress-like procedural world generation and a realistic damage model. The Kickstarter launched a couple of weeks ago and is looking to raise £40,000. You can grab yourself a copy of the game for £15. Here's the pitch video:

The second game is Longsword Table Tactics by Daniel DiCicco of Zero Sum Games, creator of the space 4X game StarDrive and its sequel. It's a highly customizable tabletop-inspired turn-based tactics game with an emphasis on PvP, though it will also have a single player campaign. The Kickstarter launched yesterday and is looking to raise $20,000. Unusually, the game is planned to be F2P, with the Kickstarter pledges starting from $10 offering pre-alpha access and other goodies. It still looks pretty cool though.

And finally there's Pillars of History, a historical isometric action-RPG set in the medieval Balkans. No, it has nothing to do with Josh Sawyer's historical RPG. The developers are a Bulgarian team called Tritan Studios, and they launched their Kickstarter today. They don't seem to have uploaded the (rather awkward) pitch video to their YouTube channel, but some development videos are available there. They're looking to raise $50,000 to develop the game. A copy can be secured for $15.

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