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Cyanide is working on a Paranoia RPG

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Cyanide is working on a Paranoia RPG

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 9 March 2018, 01:44:31

Tags: Black Shamrock; Cyanide Studio; Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory

From out of nowhere, the plucky French studio Cyanide have come out with the news that they're developing an RPG based on the satirical science-fiction tabletop game Paranoia, in partnership with their Irish sister studio Black Shamrock. The game's title is simply Paranoia: The Official Video Game. In case you haven't heard of it, Paranoia is set in a dystopian megacity called Alpha Complex which is run by an insane civil service AI known as The Computer. Players are tasked by The Computer with rooting out mutants, members of secret societies, and other threats to Alpha Complex. The joke is that the player characters are themselves typically mutants and/or members of secret societies. Double-crossing is encouraged, and hence the title. As for Cyanide's adaptation, all we have right now is this press release:

Good news, Citizen! For the first time, your friend The Computer, has authorized a digital version of Paranoia.

Now there is a new way to fervently demonstrate loyalty to your friend, The Computer – through the medium of computer games!
Your friend The Computer is surprised they didn’t think of this before.

Not to worry! The same truths remain. Stay alert! Trust no one! Keep your laser handy! Loyal Citizens are always rewarded. Traitors are always reduced to a fine liquid pulp. Have a nice day!

Paranoia is fun. Other games are not fun. This is true in the digital realm just as it is in table top. Loyal citizens will purchase the forthcoming Paranoia computer game. Disloyal citizens will be used as reactor shielding.

Are you a loyal citizen?
I thought you were!

Cyanide and Black Shamrock are fervently loyal to The Computer and therefore proud to announce the development of Paranoia: The Official Video Game, a darkly humorous RPG adapted from the critically acclaimed pen and paper game created by Dan Gelber, Greg Costikyan, and Eric Goldberg.

Paranoia is set in Alpha Complex, the last remaining human city. Alpha Complex is a paradise. The Computer tells you so. Of course, The Computer is always right. Questioning or challenging The Computer is likely to result in termination, or possibly long-term commitment to a Re-Education Gulag and Spa.

In Paranoia, you’ll play as the leader of a Red Clearance Troubleshooter team. As a Troubleshooter, your job is to find trouble. And shoot it. Though Alpha Complex is a paradise, it is unfortunately beset by all kinds of enemies. Terrorists. Mutants. Members of secret societies. Even – shocking though it may be to say – even Troubleshooters who somehow doubt The Computer’s benevolent wisdom, and the evident truth that Alpha Complex is a paradise.

Lies, double-cross and backstabbing will be your best allies for survival in Alpha Complex, as betrayal is a constant threat. Sometimes your team mates, and even yourself, are more of a threat to your survival than the ostensible mission baddies.

On top of that, the Computer is always watching your actions, judging you, and rewarding you fairly… or not. But should you be defeated or terminated (incinerated is more accurate), you have 5 replacement clones in reserve to try again! Not always faithful copies of the original… but that's another problem.

Unreliable narration; explosions, laser blasts, insane robots; technology-based environments to explore; a role-playing team you can’t rely on: Paranoia takes the conventions of the CRPG and turns them on their head, creating a world and a gaming environment that will frustrate, surprise, and delight players of the genre with something both familiar – and something that defeats their expectations.

The above information is Clearance Violet. If you are below Clearance Violet, please report to the nearest Termination Booth immediately. Thank you.

Paranoia: The Official Video Game is co-developed by Cyanide, from Paris Complex, and Black Shamrock, from Dublin Complex. The game will be released on PC and Console when the Computer decides that the time is right.

Two RPGs based on esoteric tabletop properties announced within barely over a week? Truly we live in wondrous times. However, this one doesn't sound like it'll be turn-based. A job ad on Black Shamrock's website calls for a senior level designer for an "immersive kick-ass action RPG". It's interesting that there's no mention of a publisher anywhere, though.

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