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Open world roguelike Stoneshard is now on Kickstarter

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Open world roguelike Stoneshard is now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 17 May 2018, 00:28:52

Tags: Ink Stains Games; Stoneshard

Stoneshard is a cool-looking roguelike from a Russian indie studio called Ink Stains Games that we first learned about last June. It's no "roguelite" but a fairly classic turn-based roguelike inspired by the likes of ADOM, with caravan management in a procedurally generated open world as its main distinguishing feature. Oh, and awesome pixel art graphics, because of course. The devs have been posting detailed development updates on the game's Steam page and things seem to be progressing well, but like many other indie studios they've decided to try to raise some funds on Kickstarter to make it even better. Here's the pitch video and overview:

Stoneshard is an open-world roguelike RPG with immense tactical freedom, survival elements and in-depth follower system, set in a grim medieval world.

Inspired by legendary classic titles such as Diablo and ADOM and modern games like The Banner Saga and Darkest Dungeon, Stoneshard invites you to shape the future of the kingdom of Aldor… And die a lot.

We need your help to bring Stoneshard to every modern platform with Steam Early Access as a starting point.

Key Features
  • Embark on the adventure through a vast procedurally-generated medieval world
  • Lead a Caravan of valiant allies and expand your following
  • Struggle with physical or psychological traumas and aid them with medicine or drugs
  • Upgrade and customize your character any way you want to
  • Wage war to vampires, undead and mercenaries with 100+ weapons
  • Follow the will of ancient Gods and gain some of their power in return
  • Return to the journey with a new hero after your character dies in battle
Ink Stains are looking to raise $30,000 to finish Stoneshard, which seems doable. You can get yourself a copy for $15. The plan is to release the game on Steam Early Access later this year, with a final release sometime next year. For now there's a free "prologue" build you can try, which is available for download here.

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