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Realms Beyond Combat Alpha Gameplay Video

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Realms Beyond Combat Alpha Gameplay Video

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Wed 20 June 2018, 00:14:31

Tags: Ceres Games; Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen

Back in April, we got our first brief glimpse of footage from the upcoming Chaos Chronicles successor Realms Beyond. Today Ceres Games have published the first full-length gameplay video, a 26-minute long demonstration of the game's "combat alpha". The video shows a player party fighting against a band of orcs and a cave troll, a scenario we got a sneak preview of in a pair of screenshots published last month. The orcs are much sturdier than the goblins from the first video, making for a very long battle even after they're immobilized by a Web and Stinking Cloud early on.

If YouTube starts the video in low, blurry quality, please change the resolution manually to 1080p60 or 720p60.

Please be aware, due to the nature of alpha versions, the user interface (especially placeholder icons) and a other elements such as sounds, camera, FXs and animations are still work in progress and therefore not final.

If you wonder about the Wizard’s overcrowded spellbook: We made every spell available (according to his 9th level) for testing purposes. Under real circumstances, he wouldn’t had so many spells already unlocked.

We appreciate hearing your feedback and suggestions for improvements related to the combat system.

Also, based on your feedback to previously published screenshots, we reworked the ground terrain textures and the level itself to improve the readability of the scene.
Even with the help of a powerful summoned demon, the video cuts off before the troll is taken down. The game seems promising from a visual and technical perspective, but they're definitely going to have to work on the pacing.

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