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DivDiv patched to 1.33

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DivDiv patched to 1.33

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 23 April 2003, 19:16:46

Tags: Divine Divinity

It's nice to see developers continually working on patches, and Larian seems to be doing a hell of a job still supporting Divine Divinity. They've just released patch 1.33 for the title, and here's a list of the bug fixes:

  • Bugfixes addressed in V1.33
  • Loading of items is now more robust. This was the major reason for corrupted savegames.
  • Instantiation of charm plates fixed - clicking twice on a charmable item will now close it rather than pop up another window. This also prevents item corruption from happening.
  • Fixed bug with passive skills like ranger sight & magic barrier that were acquired through a bonus on a weapon and which would cause constant increments of the stats when loading

There's also a page or so of the story fixes as well.

Spotted this on Blue's News

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