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Gamedec Dev Diary: Introducing Low City

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Gamedec Dev Diary: Introducing Low City

Development Info - posted by Infinitron on Fri 22 November 2019, 14:05:56

Tags: Anshar Studios; Gamedec

After an exclusive early reveal at PC Gamer yesterday, Anshar Studios have officially published the first in what will be a series of dev diaries for their upcoming cyberpunk virtual world detective RPG Gamedec. The topic of this first video is Low City, the perpetually dark underbelly of 22th century Warsaw where players will spend much of their time between missions. I'll post it here along with an excerpt from the accompanying press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 22nd, Katowice, Poland.

Warsaw City, where Gamedec takes place, isn’t officially divided into districts, but everyone knows if they’re in the upper, middle, or lower part of town. The inhabitants of these three areas have completely different qualities of life. In today's video, Łukasz Hacura, an executive producer from Anshar Studios, together with Marcin Przybyłek, author of the Gamedec saga, explain the complexities of Low City. Watch the video and transport yourself to a place where natural light does not reach.

Watch the first Gamedec development diary HERE and prepare yourself for virtual world investigation.

Low City is a place where, even on a sunny day, it’s so dark you can’t get by without artificial lighting. It’s where apartment prices plummet, Public Transport Tubes terminate, and aurocar stops start to show up.

The lower you get, the lower the population becomes. At the very bottom, called RoU (Roof of the Undercity), you can find both deserted places and areas bustling with life.

If you stand on the lowermost walkway of Low City and look 150 meters down, you will see the mist and dust-covered ruins of Old Warsaw. That’s Undercity. Inhabited by savages who rejected civilized life and nasty creatures like poisonous bats or toxic, mutant rats. Low City is protected from those oddities by MG buoys. Whenever they detect a bat approaching or a rat climbing one of the towers, they open fire, eliminating the menace.

Temperature disparities between Low City and Mid City can cause weather anomalies like dirty rains, created by vapor condensation under the walkways of Mid City.

Low City’s biggest allure are the night clubs that are open 24/7. If you don’t come from this polis layer and you intend to visit it, take a few words of advice.

First, watch your account. Don’t let any suspicious-looking individual, even a kid, come near you without a good reason. Second, don’t believe everything you’re told. Third, think twice before going online using local equipment: it’s all knockoffs and patched-up salvage, infusion liquids are not original, and a “cheap gamepill” can damage your metabolic pathways.

So, if you decide to use local devices or medications – do it at your own risk.

Oh, and pay some kid to watch your stuff while you’re in VR. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.​

Anshar have been running a "Steam Wishlist Challenge" since last month where they'll unlock various goodies as the game receives more wishlists. They're also running a community survey that you might want to check out. There'll be more to come next year, I expect.

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