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Realms Beyond Kickstarter Update #22: World Map, Coin and Combat Beta Status

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Realms Beyond Kickstarter Update #22: World Map, Coin and Combat Beta Status

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 1 February 2020, 23:31:15

Tags: Ceres Games; Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen

The previous Realms Beyond Kickstarter update was published back in November and feels like it was even longer ago than that. So you might not remember that the game's combat beta was supposed to have been released in January. According to today's new update that was a bit optimistic and it still needs a few more weeks of polishing. In the meantime, Ceres are offering a batch of new screenshots from the beta as well as a first glimpse at the game's world map and physical coin reward.

[​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Finished Map
As you may remember, a map painted by the talented Francesca Baerald was our first stretch goal. Today, we can proudly present the magnificent outcome. Francesca delivered a masterpiece of a map with a huge number of details and a high density of information for the player. Cities, villages, dungeons, rivers, roads… all the major landmarks you will encounter on your journey through Argea are part of this highly detailed hand-painted map.

As a reminder, the map will be printed and included into the physical game box editions. It will also appear in-game on the map screen, where it will help you plan your journey through the Realms Beyond.

We try to avoid spoilers at this point, therefore we won’t show the full high resolution map yet. But as little demonstration of the level of detail you can expect, here is a small zoomed in part of the map (marked in red color).

Coin Design
Along with the map, Francesca also designed the concept art of the coin that will be included in the boxed edition of Realms Beyond. The drawing is exceptionally beautiful, and we let you have a glimpse at what the coin will look like. On the obverse, you can see Conall, the King of Cormac, and the reverse bears his coat of arms and the motto of his kingdom.

The colored version is just an illustration. The actual coin will be minted from metal and therefore be of a single color. It will have a diameter of approximately 40 millimeters (about 1.57 inch).

Backer Contributions
Once the combat demo is complete and published, we will finally work on the backer contributions. For that purpose, we have already added an inventory to our forums, where backers can enter their reward data based on backer tier. Before we can unlock it, we first have to check for potential issues with privacy and copyright (this is especially relevant for backers contributing NPC portraits, since we will work with your photos).

In addition, backers of tiers from 500 EUR upwards will be contacted personally by email, as their reward content requires more in-depth cooperation for its implementation into the game.

Combat Beta Status

We’re still working hard on completing the combat beta, but aren’t quite happy with its current state yet. Apart from a couple of bugs and missing elements (such as monster portraits and SFX), we are also working on the content and encounter design. As the combat beta will be the first public release of our game, we want to deliver a good first impression (especially since some people will likely show off the gameplay on stream or on YouTube). Therefore we can’t hastily release a half-baked and bug-ridden version of it, as this would taint the image of our game in the public eye. We ask you to be patient for a few more weeks, so we can release a polished version we can be proud of and you can enjoy without hiccups.

To make the waiting a little more bearable, here are a handful of screenshots from the first level of the combat demo (we don’t want to spoil the later levels yet!).
A few more weeks it is then. I wonder how many locations on that map will actually make it into the game.

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