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Wasteland Remastered Released

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Wasteland Remastered Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 26 February 2020, 02:06:26

Tags: inXile Entertainment; Krome Studios; Wasteland Remastered

Back in 2018, inXile hired a little-known Australian indie developer called Krome Studios to finish the remaster of the original Bard's Tale trilogy that they'd promised to Bard's Tale IV backers and which Rebecca Heineman had failed to provide. Within less than a month, it was announced that they'd decided to contract Krome to develop a remaster of the original Wasteland as well. It was only later on that we realized what inXile had been so impressed by. Krome's Bard's Tale Trilogy remaster was great, but Wasteland is a significantly more complex title, which may be why it ended up taking a year longer than expected to complete it. A week after they announced its release date, inXile revealed the launch trailer for the new Wasteland Remastered.

Originally released in 1988, Wasteland brought the post-apocalypse to video games and inspired a genre. Play one of history’s defining RPGs with completely overhauled graphics, sound, and expanded musical score.

The year is 2087, nearly a century after an all-out nuclear war turned vast swaths of the Earth into a radioactive hellscape. You are a Desert Ranger, a band of stalwart lawmen who are the only hope left in what was once the American southwest, and good people’s last defense against hunger, sickness, ravaging raiders, and mutants.

Now something more secretive and sinister is menacing humanity, and it's your job to investigate. Recruit help and follow leads—the choices you make will shape the world around you. Choose wisely, your life and the lives of those you’re sworn to protect depend on it.
  • Wasteland Remastered retains the spirit of the original game while updating visuals and audio.
  • The original game’s physical storybook is available in-game, fully illustrated and with full voice over.
  • An expanded musical score from the "Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic" release.
  • Old bugs that have been around since Reagan was president have been fixed.
  • Survive the apocalypse from the comfort of your couch with game controller support.
  • Quality of life improvements that make the post-apocalypse a little friendlier.

Some of our users have found that low budget 3D graphics aren't as appealing to them in a top-down post-apocalyptic game as they were in a first-person fantasy game. Personally, I'm more disappointed that the remaster largely retains the original Wasteland's primitive user interface. Still, it's a good thing when any 1980s RPG gets remade and you could do a lot worse than Krome. Wasteland Remastered is available on Steam and GOG for $15, and you can also get it if you're subscribed to Microsoft's Game Pass.

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