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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Update #39: Areshkagal Megadungeon Stretch Goal

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Update #39: Areshkagal Megadungeon Stretch Goal

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 9 March 2020, 22:46:50

Tags: Owlcat Games; Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Over the course of the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter campaign, we've learned about a good number of companions, classes and races. Yet there have been surprisingly few details about the various Mythic Paths, which are perhaps the game's signature feature. There was just that one update about the Lich a few days after the campaign started. Today we finally have a Kickstarter update about another Mythic Path which is perhaps the Lich's diametric opposite - the Path of the Angel.

For more than a century, the sight of the Worldwound has marred the lands of Golarion, and thousands have looked upon it, hoping that someday the horizon will be rid of its foul presence. For more than a century, millions have lived in constant fear of an imminent demonic invasion, begging for a final respite. For more than a century, crusaders have fought and bled, protecting the world from the abyssal filth. The light of their hopes converges in you, the flames of their wrath are rekindled in you, beckoning you to become a Mythic Angel.

The Worldwound is a cruel place—Golarion’s bravest and brightest have crumbled and broken there in droves, unable to stem the waves of the Abyss. Where they failed, you will stand firm, as the one who will bring final salvation. Being a mere mortal isn’t enough to heal the wounds of the world, so you must become much, much more.

With wings of gold on your back and radiant halo above your head, you will be the one to guide humanity to triumph in this holy war. Allies will be bolstered by your celestial aura, while demons will flee before your blinding light. Angelic armies will stand at your side, ready to be called into action at any moment. And your blessings will imbue your friends with protection against the direst of afflictions.

With heavenly healing powers, you can save your companions from even the most desperate situations, or bring them back to life, ready to fight again. Angels from martial classes will learn what it feels like to be a cleric, while powerful spellcasters will have their existing spellbooks augmented with both new spells and heavenly powers.

But healing both companions and the world isn’t the only option available to an angel. Another is bringing the ones responsible for unleashing the Worldwound upon Golarion to justice—for this catastrophe must never happen again. Light your weapon in holy flame and show the demons the wrath of the righteous. Incinerate them like the blazing light of the sun.

A vast array of holy spells will be at your disposal. Use Grant Repose to turn undead enemies to dust. Cast Eye for an Eye to force an enemy to take back all the damage it inflicts. Summon a Bolt of Justice that deals progressively more damage, weakening enemies depending on how evil they are. Unleash Gale of Life to bring back all your recently fallen comrades. And confer the Avenger’s Blessing to turn an ally into an all-conquering holy champion.

It is time for you to decide what kind of angel you will become. Will your light herald the resurrection of hope, or will it be an omen of reckoning? Whatever you choose, your angelic powers will surely help you in your glorious campaign.
A couple of hours after that update, the campaign hit the map events stretch goal. The next stretch goal at $1,920,000 does indeed appear to be some sort of megadungeon. Areshkegal, demon lord of portals and riddles, invites you into her domain.

Far away, in the place she refuses to call her home, Areshkagal, Demon Lord of portals and riddles, spends her time endlessly asking questions.

Will she finally be able to take revenge against her half-sister? Which of her plans will work better for the next attack? Whence her draconic wings? How did she not foresee Aldinach’s treachery? When will the next great riddle come to her mind? When will she escape this accursed place and return to the endless whispering sands that were once her home?

As she ponders these questions and myriad more besides, her minions draw her attention to the events happening in the Rasping Rifts and on Golarion in the Worldwound. And with this information, new inquiries spring forth in her mind…

Who is going to claim the spoils—Baphomet or Deskari? Is Baphomet handsome enough for her? Are the mortals genuinely capable of withstanding the combined forces of two Demon Lords? Can Deskari’s Riftcarver truly slice through the planes? What are those two fools doing? Who is leading the mortals? How are they so strong, and getting stronger still? How has mortalkind at large responded to this shift? By what secret means did they acquire that power? Will Areshkagal be able to use that power herself? And when she wields it, what will her sister’s final moments be like?

She puts in motion her own plans to capture, test, and study this new mortal, the one who has been fending off the onslaught of not one but two Demon Lords with just a handful of followers.

Are the mortals smart enough? Will they be able to solve all the riddles she sets them? Will they be cunning enough to escape her trap? What is the best lure for mortals? Will they survive in the harsh conditions of the Blood Clefts, where rivers of blood flow through jagged canyons of crimson rock? Will they be able to withstand her horrific visage? Will she be able to trick the mortals into doing her bidding, lure them with her treasures, or bend them to her will by force?

She does not know the answers to these questions, but she intends to find out.
With less than 48 hours till the end, there's a decent chance of unlocking this one by tomorrow. We're actually not sure what comes afterwards this time.

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