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Sign up for the The Way of Wrath beta

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Sign up for the The Way of Wrath beta

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 19 May 2020, 23:39:14

Tags: Animmal; The Way of Wrath

The unique shamanistic turn-based tactical RPG The Way of Wrath has become one of my more anticipated upcoming indie titles, so this is news that I probably should have posted about sooner. The developers at Animmal have planned from the beginning to launch the game on Early Access, but they're not sure when. In order to reach an informed decision they plan to run a closed beta first, which they've been taking signups for on their website since March. Besides that, they've continued to release all sorts of videos on their YouTube channel, the most significant of which is this brief gameplay footage from last month.

According to Animmal's most recent developer diary, the beta keys will start going out at the end of this month. It sounds like they also plan to make it temporarily available as as a free demo during the Steam Game Festival in June. After that there will be the Early Access proper, and then possibly a Kickstarter, though they aren't entirely sure about that part yet. It all starts from the beta though, so head on over to their website and sign up.

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