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ToEE shotgun interview part 2 at RPG Vault

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ToEE shotgun interview part 2 at RPG Vault

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 7 May 2003, 01:58:24

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

RPG Vault has posted their second shotgun interview for Temple of Elemental Evil, asking about PnP modules, as you can see here:

Jonric: If you've been through the Temple of Elemental Evil module, what's your favorite type of character to play? If you haven't, what type do you think you'd most like to play?

Sean Craig

I never got a chance to play Temple of Elemental Evil pen and paper; obviously it's too late now. Usually, if I'm not DMing, I play a wizard; I like having all the options that spells provide. Things make me happy when they explode. That being said, there are a couple of combos I'm eager to try out given the 3rd edition ruleset; I think a female halfling monk would be really cool. The monk's increased movement offsets the halfling movement penalties, and the stacked AC bonuses would make the character really hard to hit. Plus, the bonuses on thrown weapons would apply to shurikens.

Halfling barbarian would also be interesting; 37 pounds of raging hatred coming at ya. Half-orc Necromancer? Dwarvish Ranger/ Rogue? Endless choices, really. I'm kinda looking forward to putting some serious stress tests in our D20 engine; what would a female Elvish Fighter/ Wizard / Sorcerer/ Cleric/ Rogue/ Bard/ Barbarian play like? I think I'll name her Eliza...

The nice things about halflings is you can fit them in to small packages for the trojan horse factor. Nothing like a warehouse full of angry halflings in crates, except maybe a barrel of halflings.

Thanks, Nagling!

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