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Classic space RPG Planet's Edge released on GOG

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Classic space RPG Planet's Edge released on GOG

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 20 December 2020, 00:07:25

Tags: New World Computing; Planet's Edge; Ziggurat Interactive

One of the major players in the classic game rerelease business these days is a company by the name of Ziggurat Interactive, who emerged on the scene about a year ago after picking up some licenses from competitor Retroism (including the one for Darklands). It seems their latest acquisition is the New World Computing catalog (excluding Might & Magic which belongs to Ubisoft of course). One of three legacy NWC titles released on GOG yesterday is 1991's Planet's Edge: The Point of no Return, a space RPG I probably would not have known about if Neal Hallford of Betrayal at Krondor fame hadn't mentioned working on it in interviews. It's an interesting-looking game that appears to combine aspects of Starflight and Star Control with top-down exploration and turn-based combat reminiscent of Ultima VI. Ziggurat have put together a nice trailer for this release which I'll post along with its description:

When the alien craft entered Earth’s solar system, the human race was alive with excitement. However, when it was accidentally fired upon, the consequences were dire. In a burst of electromagnetic energy, the entire planet Earth disappeared, leaving its gravity well and the moon behind.

In this open world, sci-fi role-playing game, you are part of the Moonbase team on a desperate mission to bring Earth back. You must assemble and equip your crew, customize your ship and set out in search of unique parts to create the Centauri Drive, a device your team hopes will reverse the electromagnetic phenomenon that swallowed Earth.

Travel between dozens of stars, harvest resources to repair and upgrade your equipment, meet and negotiate with friendly (and hostile) aliens, and do whatever it takes to stay alive and bring Earth back.

Planet’s Edge features:
  • An open-ended story driven by the player
  • Dynamic, real-time spaceship combat
  • Mining, trading and puzzle solving
  • Turn-based ground combat
  • Customize and upgrade your ship for any situation
  • Select your crew (or clone a new one) and equip them for success
Planet's Edge is available on GOG for $8, with a 25% launch discount until next week.

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