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Pathos Gains Some Trolls

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Pathos Gains Some Trolls

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 19 March 2021, 17:11:18

Tags: Nethack; Pathos; Roguelike

Pathos has been updated to version 6.5. For those who don't know, it's a graphical roguelike very similar to Nethack and is available on Windows Store, Play Store for Android, Apple iTunes and on their website. While there's gobs of new and exciting things, here's a taste of what they've added:

Troll. Ravenous, predatory species of giant humanoid with a severe hunch that causes the backs of their hands to drag on the ground. Despite the awkward physical appearance, they are powerfully built and are infamous for their ability to rapidly recover from any wound to their rubbery hide.

Echo. Astral beings who are a vessel for the indomitable spirit of a vanquished adventurer. Having no motivations of their own, they are glad to permit the possession; for the deceased adventurer, it is a second chance at revenge or redemption. Born from astral matter, they are slightly built, translucent and can move freely through physical obstacles.

Satyr. Fey creatures linked by powerful nature spirits to fuel their antics. They are stocky with furry lower bodies, cloven hooves of a goat and curled horns of a ram. Ribald and clever, they cheerfully lead hedonistic escapades of drinking, dancing and fighting.​

There's a full thread with the history of this game over at Temple of the Roguelike for even more glorious information.

Trolls. They're not just for forums anymore.

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