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A Wild Entodrive Appears on Steam

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A Wild Entodrive Appears on Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 26 March 2021, 13:46:47

Tags: Entodrive; Noah Williams

So, for those looking for a Pokemon type game on the cheap, Entodrive is out in a very Early Access release. The current asking price is $2.99US, but is considered an Alpha at the moment. Not all the areas are currently fleshed out, not everything is in the game, some dialogue is missing and so on. Anyway, here's a trailer and some of what is in:

Alpha Build #0.05
Gameplay Currently Implemented :
  • Build state is in alpha with a vertical slice that showcases the design pillars.
  • 2 towns, a cave, and two routes to explore.
  • Travel through Javapool, Crystal Cave, Crystal Town, Crystal Cove, Lua Road, and Python Port.
  • Choose your starting Entodrive.
  • Hacking Entodrive.
  • Entodrive Upgrades.
  • Turn based combat.
  • Moves with different abilities.
  • Battle other crews.
  • Encounter Entodrive in strange locations.
  • Character model choice selection.
  • Fast Forward binded to a button with varying speeds in the options menu.
  • Debug commands. (cheats)

You know, at some point, these games need to standardize having a character system for the player's character in addition to the critters.

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