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REM Cycles wakes up on Steam

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REM Cycles wakes up on Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 31 March 2021, 22:22:53

Tags: Indispensable Studios; REM Cycles

REM Cycles has popped up on Steam. Another modern retro styled CRPG, this one features a handful of people stuck in someone else's dream and mystery ensues. No sale price for this one, though it is budgeted at $14.99. Here's the head's up:

REM Cycles is an indie strategy roguelike featuring a unique and diverse cast of characters, colorful 2D pixel art, and chiptune melodies that harken back to the golden era of SNES RPGs. Construct a team of four out of 10 playable characters to explore six dreamy locations, each with their own theme. Outside of battle, witness over 50 conversation arcs between every possible combination of characters to learn more about their lives, motivations, and dreams. You’ll want to get to know these folks well, as you’ll be spending a lot of time with them—in true roguelike fashion, REM Cycles is designed to be played more than once.

Dreaming of a unique adventure? REM Cycles might be the one for you.​

Odd that 15 years ago, pixel art was dead. Now it's everywhere. Everywhere.

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