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I Have Powers has Release

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I Have Powers has Release

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 2 April 2021, 14:36:15

Tags: I Have Powers; John C Ragland

I Have Powers has been released on Steam. For the low, low release sales price of $1.79US, which is 10% off through April 6th, you too can be a Superhero in this real time rogue-lite. Create your hero, build your hero, then run around the city fighting evil. There's even cars you can use to run down muggers, like a hero! Here's a bit of the info on this:

Remember those Plastic Superheroes you used to buy in the toy store? Pretending to make them fight each other? Well, you can do that in this game, make your character, fight bad guys and level up your character into an unstoppable conqueror.

Use your secret identity to survey a situation before revealing your costume and powers!

Lots of different powers to try out and make 100's of unique characters! Do you want to wield weapons like Commando, or Fly around like Superman, it's your character and you can make as many as you want, beware though because this is a roguelike game where your character gets deleted if they get defeated.​
This is a genre that I'm shocked there aren't more CRPGs being made. Then again, you have AAA Superhero games with a lot of issues on release.

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