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Hyforge makes its way to Early Access

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Hyforge makes its way to Early Access

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 8 April 2021, 12:32:26

Tags: Hyforge; Piko Island

Hyforge has been Early Accessed on Steam. While the game bills itself as a Rogue-lite, I'm not exactly sure what makes it such other than Perma-Death. That said, it has an interesting art style. It is also on a 15% discount through April 14th, being new and all. Here's some trailer and info:

  • Mixed Aesthetics: Utilizing traditional pixel art, modern lighting and 3D environments creates a unique and beautiful graphical experience.
  • Character Development: Players are free to develop their character as they wish with no classes or skill trees to hold them back.
  • Perma-Death: In Yardendrell, death is permanent. Take heed not to rush into the unknown without preparing first.
  • Eldritch Lineage: Unlock the secrets of your lineage while you develop your skills. Eldritch traits remain even through death.
  • Free Updates, Always: Never worry about paying extra for new skills, locations, dungeons, etc.

I bet they scale back on that Perma-Death thing at some point, depending on how they do it. It's not exactly a widely popular feature. It is a fantastic option, though.

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