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TaleSpire rolls to Early Access

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TaleSpire rolls to Early Access

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 15 April 2021, 15:19:57

Tags: BouncyRock Entertainment; TaleSpire

Since there's been some talk around places for things that make tabletop over the internet possible, I figured I'd let you guys know that TaleSpire has been released to Early Access. No sale for this one, but it's currently $24.99US for those who want to pick it up. Here's the stuff on it:

With Talespire, the beauty and physicality of tabletop gaming meet the endless possibilities of a digital world. Here you can collaboratively build your worlds without compromising the handcrafted aesthetic of using traditional miniatures.

As a player, you can take on the mantle of multiple heroes and creatures, manage your stats, and express yourself using the growing emote system. Perform dice rolls directly on the board and interact with your environment — at least, as far as your GM will let you!

As a GM, you can dazzle and thrill your friends by building expansive maps, setting up shots, and controlling immersive soundscapes to bring all your delightful and devious designs to life.​

I have to say that it's very pretty compared to a lot of the competition it has. Although, there's no ruleset implimentations for it so there's what some people might see as a con versus RollD20 or Fantasy Grounds.

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