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Endgame: Road to Salvation ragdolls to Early Access

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Endgame: Road to Salvation ragdolls to Early Access

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 16 April 2021, 16:40:16

Tags: Endgame: Road to Salvation; Indie/Anon Games

Indie/Anon Games have released their first title, Endgame: Road to Salvation, on Steam's Early Access... And Holy Crap, it looks crazy. In a world besieged by demons, the extra large kind, you have to get in your car and save the world. You can fight from your vehicles, or get out and explore areas in a top down, twin shootery mode. While the graphics may not be the best, this game looks freaking crazy. You can even invite your friends for some drop in co-op. Just check the trailer for yourselves:

I am proud to present the first release from Indie/Anon Games, Endgame: Road to Salvation. It is a road trip combat style of game with rpg/survival/roguelike elements and full ragdoll physics. It is a unique hybrid of top-down/twin stick shooter and third person camera control while driving. As the player, you have to drive North and reach the safety of the distant stronghold Salvation, delivering your caravan with as many survivors as possible from the cruelty of the Apocalypse. You can accomplish this monumental task by staying armed, fed, and mobile, and keep your caravan happy and safe. The enemy are more active at night, meaning you should find shelter and stay hidden, and hope that nothing tears down the walls around you. This is a really difficult game and you may be forced to make tough decisions on the fly, but the random generation and AI storyteller will keep you moving.​

Not a huge fan of action games for the most part, but this does look interesting. Maybe it's nostalgia glasses seeing a bit of Interstate '76 mixed with Doom, but I'm interested.

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