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The Darkness Below generates a Demo

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The Darkness Below generates a Demo

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 16 April 2021, 18:41:37

Tags: The Darkness Below; vlzvl

The Darkness Below has a new demo available for those looking for some red hot blobber action. The new version apparently offers a character generator for those who like to leave their fate up to chance. You can read more about it on this thread on our forum. Anyhoo, here's some of what you might want to know:

  • Windows / Linux / Android*
  • Turn-based moving & battling much like M&M 3-5
  • Interactable items & objects (ground items, levers, doors)
  • 3 maps to explore (Forest, Town & a Dungeon)
  • Prebuilt characters
  • Local / World / Mini map
  • Recruitable companions / NPCs
  • Unlimited saves
  • Fits in a handful of 1.44MB HD disks
  • (*) added soon

Very nice. Godspeed, vlzvl! Kickin' it old school.

Thanks, Finitron!

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