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Steam Sky routes release on

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Steam Sky routes release on

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 19 April 2021, 01:12:36

Tags: Steam Sky; thindil

Steam Sky has been released on What is it? It's basically a steampunk airship game where you can earn a living trading, doing missions, and all sorts of things airship captains can do. Though early in development, you can set your own price if you're wanting to check it out. Per the author, is more strategy based than tactical like most of roguelikes. Here's more of the features:

  • Buy cheaply, sell expensive: find the best trade routes between sky bases.
    Each base type sell other items. Some bases even only buy items. Prices of items in bases depends on bases types. For example, it is a good idea to buy food in agricultural bases and sell it to industrial bases.
  • Do randomly generated missions to gain money and reputation at sky bases.
    Patrol selected map areas, explore new areas, deliver items to bases, etc. Some missions may require some free cargo space, others may depend on installed ship modules.
  • Manage your ship's crew: give them orders, hire new ones or dismiss old members.
    Your crew and your character must eat and drink. Wounded, hungry or tired crew members works slower. As crew members spend some time on the selected order he or she will gain experience in selected skill which allow works faster or more precise.

Steampunk? Trading? Faction system? And character and crew progression? Oh yeah, keep baking those cookies, thindil!

Spotted at Temple of the Roguelike

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